How the C-Pen Reader Pen works

Simply run the pen across any printed text - schoolbook, novel, newspaper or food label.
The pen then reads the text aloud, in a British English speaking voice.

Summarising and note-taking

Any text 'read' by the pen is captured and saved, so you can download it to a PC, laptop or tablet later. The transferred text can be edited, manipulated and stored using standard wordprocessing software, e.g. Microsoft Word.

Who is it for?

All who prefer to work independently, but do not have sufficient reading skills. The pen enables children to keep up with the rest of their grade, by improving reading speed and comprehension.


The integrated electronic dictionary allows the user to scan a word and have the definition displayed, read aloud, and repeated. A 'history' list of the words learned in this way can be saved to the pen.

Speech recording & transcription

The C-Pen Reader Pen is able to record speech - for example, a lecture in which you cannot take the notes down fast enough. The pen will record the lecturer's voice, and download the lecture to your PC as editable text.


The C-Pen Reader Pen is small, portable and lightweight. The included earphone allows for reading in the library, car or classroom. The Reader Pen gives you independence, while enhancing your reading fluency and understanding.

Watch the pen in action...