My Inspiration

My son looks at the world through a different lens, which has made me look at the world in a different way too. He is a proud dyslexic person, who sees what some may call a disability as a gift. His brain works visually, and he solves problems analytically and creatively - just a bit differently to how others might!

He started school in mainstream education, but eventually moved to a school for children who require smaller classes and assistance with learning difficulties. In high school he moved back to mainstream education, and is currently studying for his A-levels.

But school wasn't a perfect fit for my son - besides his dyslexia, ADHD meant focusing in a classroom situation was never going to be ideal.

None of this has kept him back; he is intelligent, and has always achieved good results in exams, with the assistance of readers and scribes. But he's gone on to achieve Cs in his last exams - with the use of a C-Pen Reader Pen.

The pen was introduced to us by the Cambridge education system, as their choice for assistive reading. My son used to download audio books, but now prefers to read text with the ReaderPen, this way he can read the words on the page while simulataneously learning to spell correctly.